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Wakami believes in empowering not just artisans, but their families. They provide artisans with skill trainings and income opportunities and children with opportunities to learn and grow. While only 4/6 Guatemalan children go to school, 9/10 Wakami children go to school. That’s 75% more than the national average! They also grant an average of 130 scholarships each year to children within the Wakami network.

They believe each person deserves the opportunity to prosper and make their dreams a reality. 44% of Wakami’s artisan families have been able to improve their homes. Healthy homes equal healthy children. That is why 60% of Wakami children have improved their nutritional status.

They want each child in the Wakami system to have access to education. Since many children in Guatemala do not finish school, they provide scholarships to their artisans’ children to keep them in primary and secondary school. They are proud to say that Wakami children have a 140% higher attendance rate than the national average. If you are interested in supporting Wakami's scholarship program you can learn more here.

They believe each child deserves to live a healthy and happy life, with good nutrition at the core. Their nutrition team carefully monitors the nutritional status of their artisans’ children. They focus on improving early nutritional development, which is why they focus on infants, young children, and women of childbearing age. Through hands-on workshops, they educate artisan families on healthy food choices.