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Discover Nicaragua's delicious specialty coffees. Made at the Source to stop poverty, one family at a time.

In today’s coffee market, Fair Trade coffees keep about 12, up to 20 cents, on the dollar in the coffee community. 20 cents has not proved to be enough for real sustainability or pathways out of poverty. The Twin Engine Coffee team grows, selects, roasts, & packs At The Source, where the coffee grows. This simple shift "to the source" raises the number to 80 cents. That's a 400% gain for the coffee community! Powerful. Real.

Twin Engine is Nicaragua’s only coffee company selecting exclusively high-altitude, specialty-grade Arabica coffees of Nicaragua. Until recently, 100% of the highest quality coffees left Nicaragua in raw form--with it went incredible value, skills and, just as important, a culture of drinking one's country's own great coffees. Twin Engine is working to change this dynamic. Along the way, they are fully immersed in creating jobs, skills and a coffee culture that has been exported for many years.