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Our Story: Why Buy Here?

It’s an honor that you are checking out my shop, which has been my dream*** for a decade.

You have a unique opportunity to change the world with each purchase at goods4good market. 

Feel proud when you support an artisan and help them to support their family. 

Feel proud when you make a choice that is kind to our planet.  

Feel proud when your purchase gives back to a worthy, important cause. 

Your purchase gives back in a major way... even when it seems small to you. 

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We share:

An uplifting, inspiring hodge-podge of:

  • Upcycling tutorials
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  • Life hacks
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  • Artisan spotlights
  • And of course, exclusive sales

With a grateful heart, 


***My dream of sharing my energy with companies that give back was sparked after I received an incredible messenger bag. This bag was not only made from recycled cement, but its proceeds supporting the fight against human trafficking. 

The stars finally aligned, allowing my vision of supporting companies that make a positive impact to finally come to fruition. 

Thank you for joining me on my journey to make the world a better place, one purchase at a time. 

Check out the shop to see what warms your heart and inspires your soul today.