Homeless Garden Project

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Homeless Garden Project's Vision:

They envision a thriving and inclusive community, workforce and local food system.

They Value:

  • The capacity of all individuals for growth and renewal
  • The joy of growing and sharing healthy food
  • The well-being created by vibrant social and natural ecosystems
Their Story:

In May of 1990, the Citizens Committee for the Homeless, a Santa Cruz County nonprofit, began a new project by opening the gates of an organic garden on Pelton Avenue.

The Homeless Garden Project would provide job training and meaningful work in a therapeutic environment. The Homeless Garden Project began as a place to provide sanctuary, refuge, and meaningful work within the healing space of the organic farm. Blossoming over time and furthering the project's benefits, the farm harvests have provided an opportunity to support our vision and community through our CSA program, farm stand, and crafts, which are sold at our local Santa Cruz stores and on-line.

They are genuinely humbled by the profound transformations their trainees make in their program, and the generous support provided by the community. Their purpose-driven nonprofit has proven to be a benefit to their neighbors in need, their community, and our environment. They couldn’t have done this without the continual generosity and support of their donors, volunteers, and CSA members.