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Bee Happy is partnering with Santa Cruz Bee Company and donating a portion of their proceeds to support their mission. 

Founder Debbie Graves is not a beekeeper, although she loves animals almost more than humans (as an introvert by nature) and keeps a pollinator garden. She attended culinary school and used to line cook for a living—she still caters sometimes and loves it.

Debbie is a phoenix who rises from the ashes repeatedly. She began a road to recovery over a decade ago and that's what her brand Bee Happy is all about...gentle reminders and affirmations to live life in the moment.

Life is a gift. Will you choose love? To be happy and grateful today?

It brings us joy to see our #beehappytoday tribe sharing their love and gratitude around the world. It's more than apparel—it's a movement. Thank you, and choose happy!