Upcycle Tutorial: Turn an old tee into a cute, open-back tank!

Created by: Kendra Fogarty

I know you’ve got a drawer of shirts that just don’t get worn. 

Give them some new life and turn a forgotten tee into a favorite tank! (No sewing required!)

I love this tank for yoga, gardening, or hiking. It is cute, makes me feel trendy, and the breeze is amazing. 

All you need is:

  • A t-shirt that is ready for change (oversized would be best)
  • Scissors (sharp!!) 
  • Fabric glue (washable)
  • Ruler (could eyeball if you’re feeling bold) 
  • Chalk (see above “” ) 
  • About 20 minutes

Step 1: Find a shirt...
[I chose this shirt because it is an absolute favorite for nostalgic reasons (honeymoon!) but it has an armpit hole and my sewing skills can’t be trusted.]

Grab a favorite to rejuvenate or hack one up that you never really liked anyways… 

Step 2: Measure 2 inches (or whatever feels right to you). You just want this to be even on both sides.

Step 3: Chalk that line and then outline the sleeve all the way to the pits. After I looked at my first attempt, I re-drew the line to even it out. I also re-measured to make sure it was similar.

Step 4: Take a deep breath. We aren’t going for perfection, here. It will be okay (and better!) if it isn’t. At this step, my toddler started getting way too curious about the scissors and glue. I knew I had to make this quick. 

Step 5: Cut! Hold the fabric tight! 

Step 6: Fold your shirt in half and chalk an outline on the back. (Or just keep it folded!) 

Step 7: More cutting!  Cut through from the top all the way to the bottom on the back.

Step 8: Take about an inch of the collar and glue it to the top of the other side. You just want to connect it again, and can do more or less depending on the size of your shirt and the look that you want. 

Step 9: Pour a glass of our coffee, tea, or your favorite wine and wait for the glue to dry. 

Step 10: Once dry, tie the bottom corners and try it on! (Or leave it flowing open in the back.) 

Step 11: Feel proud that you just created a new favorite top! 
Option: Layer your new tank for a different look!

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